U of MN Dept of Psychiatry Looking for Study Participants

U of MN Dept of Psychiatry Looking for Study Participants

The BRIDGES Study is working to better understand brain development during early-to-mid adolescence. This study is focused on the brain systems that manage negative emotion, self-understanding, and impulse-control. BRIDGES is working to understand how self-injury (a common problem in teenagers) influences brain development by studying the change in the brain and behavior patterns over time in girls with versus without self-injury. Participation involves up to 9 visits over 3 years. One of the aims of this study is to look at brain development over time, therefore participants will be asked to return and repeat visits each year. Research visits include tasks such as completing questionnaires and interviews, completing computer games designed to measure attention and memory, providing saliva samples to measure stress, and undergoing MRI brain scans. Participants will be compensated, ranging between $30-$50 per visit.

Eligible participants:

– female
– 12-16 years old

– already had first menstrual cycle

Visit the following link (soon to be updated) for more information about this study: http://umnteenresearch.com/the-bridges-study.htm

Contact Study Coordinator: Anna Parenteau
Phone: 612-626-8534
Email: paren136@umn.edu, umnteen@umn.edu

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