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2017 Presenter Information

2017 Presenter Information

Welcome 2017 presenters! As a presenter, you are an important part of this conference, and we appreciate the time and effort you put forth to participate.

The information and links on this page are all presenter related. Feel free to call Keri Stenemann, Conference Coordinator at 651-644-7333 if you have any further questions or needs.   Thank you!


Presenter Information | Convener Information | Presentation Tips

These PDFs include the following: presenter complimentary attendance and additional discounts, audio-visual needs, handouts, audience size, check-in procedures, speaker room accommodations, convener information, and more.


The special presenter rate is $150 to attend an additional day or the full conference. (Sunday is complimentary regardless.) Coupon codes will be emailed to presenters for use during registration. Contact Keri Stenemann if you have any questions at 651-644-7333.


Estimated attendance this year (2017) is 1,700+ attendees!


An email will be sent to lead presenters with detailed AV information by March 15th. Please respond with any special requests by Friday, March 31.

Audience Size

Workshop Attendance Estimates – Coming in April 2017

This information will show the approximate number of attendees that have indicated interest in attending your workshop (participants do not sign up for workshops, so the actual number attending will not be known in advance). This number will be an early estimate for your reference; actual attendance is often higher.