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2017 Annual Conference Sponsor & Exhibit FAQ

2017 Annual Conference
Sponsor & Exhibit FAQ

How many people will I reach?

2016 marked our highest conference attendance at 1,700 and our emailing list exceeded 55,000. This year we are expecting 1,800 attendees. We have grown nearly every year since our first conference in 1996. Plus our conference, now in its 21st year, is the largest children’s mental health conference of its kind in the nation!

Who is my audience?


Do you offer exhibitor discounts?

We do! Tiny nonprofits, sole proprietors, and small businesses may qualify for a discount or special booth for exhibiting. Please call April at 651-644-7333 for qualification and discount information. Please note that university departments do not qualify as tiny nonprofits.

Do exhibitors attend the conference for free?

A special rate will be offered for exhibitors who wish to attend the full conference. Our sponsorship packages include free conference attendance for between one and three staff members. Learn more about what is included here.

Additional questions?

Please call 651-644-7333 or email April with any questions.

This conference offers professionals and families opportunities to

✔ Improve policy and enhance practices for children (prenatal to 21) who have or are at risk for mental health disorders;
✔ Acquire skills and strategies that will improve outcomes for children with mental health needs;
✔ Gain knowledge of best practices and latest research in children’s mental health and related fields;
✔ Enrich understanding of different perspectives and common goals in support of all children.

Download a flyer for at-a-glance information.