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MACMH to Launch Training Center with Funding from Nevin N. Huested Foundation

Some big things are on the horizon at MACMH, and we’re so excited to share them with you!

In 2017, we were selected as the recipient of the recently-dissolved Nevin N. Huested Foundation’s remaining funds–and with those funds, plans are underway for us to launch both a mental health training center in the Twin Cities and a mental health training portal online.

These funds will not only allow us to expand our services for children, families and professionals, but will also make it possible for us to close gaps in access to mental health resources and trainings for people across the state and beyond.

We recently secured a space in St. Paul where our new training center will be located. This spring, watch for information about the opening of our training center, including an open house announcement and details about visiting and renting our space.

In the meantime, please check out more information below and stay tuned with updates by following us on Facebook and Twitter.

For media inquiries, contact Deborah Saxhaug or Emily Richardson at 651-644-7333.



Q. What is the Nevin N. Huested Foundation?
A. Founded in 1961, the Nevin N. Huested Foundation was created to stimulate new and improved services to children and youth with disabilities in Minnesota. Over 55 years, the foundation awarded an array of grants to school districts, public and private agencies and nonprofits throughout Minnesota before dissolving in 2016.

Q. Who was Nevin Huested?
A. Living in St. Paul for most of his life and disabled by a severe skin disease, Nevin Huested had a deep concern for others, particularly those who were disabled in any way. It was Mr. Huested’s wish that his estate be used to help Minnesota children and youth with disabilities. In accordance with the directions he left in his will, the Nevin N. Huested Foundation was founded in 1961.

Q. How was MACMH selected to receive the Huested Foundation’s remaining funds?
A. Preparing for their dissolution, the Foundation’s board of directors wanted to ensure their remaining assets went to support an organization whose mission aligned with the Foundation’s priorities.

Q. What does MACMH plan to do with the funding?
A: With funding from the Foundation, MACMH is making plans to launch both a physical mental health training center and an online mental health training portal. These funds will make it possible for us to not only expand our services, but also close gaps in access to mental health resources and trainings:

Providing easy access for busy professionals
Educators and mental health professionals have busy schedules and limited budgets. By offering continuing education opportunities online that require no expense for traveling and that can be accessed at any time–our workshops will be more accessible to professionals with full schedules and overlapping commitments.
Providing free & reduced-cost resources for parents, caregivers and youth
Many families face economic challenges that make it difficult for them to access much-needed resources and trainings. By offering workshops, family-coaching services and educational materials for free and at a reduced cost, we will be better positioned to ensure that critical mental health resources are accessible to families of all income levels and backgrounds.

Providing learning opportunities for rural communities
Parents and professionals living outside the Twin Cities metro area often face barriers that limit their ability to attend trainings and to get connected to the mental health resources they need. Our online portal will help us better serve these rural communities by offering trainings that can be accessed almost anywhere, regardless of geographical region.

Providing expanded opportunities for young people
In addition to our existing programs, we will expand our offerings to include support groups and skills-training classes; mental health first aid trainings; arts programming classes; and empowerment and advocacy classes for young people with mental health disorders.

Q. Where will the physical training center be located?
A: The training center will be located at 23 Empire Drive, Ste. 1000, St. Paul, MN 55103. Check back for updates this spring regarding our training center launch and details about visiting and renting our space.

Q. What will the training center be used for?
A. The training center will make it possible for us to expand upon a number of our existing programs. Additionally, it will allow us to provide some exciting new services, including skills-training classes, mental health first aid trainings, Fidgety Fairy Tales, and empowerment and advocacy trainings.

Q: Why is an online training portal needed?
A: Online trainings are frequently requested by parents and professionals living in rural Minnesota because they often face barriers that make it difficult for them to attend our in-person trainings. MACMH is committed to providing the same opportunities across the state as those that are offered in the metro area—and the development of an online training portal with free and reduced-cost webinar offerings will help to bridge this gap in access to mental health resources.

Q. When will online workshops/webinars be available for viewing?
A. We are in the early stages of creating an online learning portal where we will be able to offer webinars and online content for parents, professionals and youth. Because we want to ensure we are providing relevant, up-to-date content in a format that is accessible to both families and professionals, we are thoughtfully and strategically taking the first steps in the portal development process. Our first round of webinars will be available on our website starting in the summer of 2018, with more content rolling out in the months following. Stay tuned for updates as the project progresses.