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Workshops & Trainings

MACMH hosts trainings and workshops in the Twin Cities and throughout Greater Minnesota for parents, educators, and professionals. Focusing on a wide range of topics, these trainings help build and reinforce skills to advocate for the children in their lives.

Our workshops provide the most current and relevant information on the following topics:

This training discusses educational issues, provisions and revisions in IDEA, IEP’s and state regulations, behavioral assessments, suspension/expulsion issues, behavioral intervention plans, advocating in the educational system, graduation standards, 504 plans, and other laws that protect and serve children with SED.

Support Group Development
This training provides information about support-group development, facilitation, and maintenance. It also discusses the benefits provided by support groups and how to find financial support for such activities.

Accessing Services
This training discusses the Children’s Mental Health Act and mandated services. It provides an understanding of the systems that serve our children and how they are interconnected. It also addresses how to acquire the mental health services a child needs, including information about insurance—especially with regard to HMO’s, TEFRA, PMAP, MA, the appeals process, and mediation.

Workshops presented to new immigrant communities are translated into the appropriate language and designed with the guidance of community leaders. MACMH provides this information and guidance in a family friendly, uncomplicated format.  Support and guidance are provided by MACMH advocates, who are trained to educate and guide parents through the multiple systems they encounter when raising a child with a mental health disorder.

Frequently Requested Topics:
• Basic information on children’s mental health disorders
• Navigating the mental health system
• Early-onset and understanding key warning signs of mental health disorders
• Parent advocacy and leadership skills

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