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Reflective Consultation Training

Reflective Consultation Training

Reflective Consultation:
Building Skills for Supervisors

This advanced one-day training is offered as a support to those “holders of the space” who currently provide reflective consultation/supervision to individuals and groups around work with very young children and their families. This training will provide an opportunity for participants to delve into the reflective consultation process by building on existing knowledge and experience and supporting further development of skills and competency.

The focus of reflective process is on maintaining a thoughtful, compassionate, and empowering stance to promote growth and change that is grounded in infant and early childhood mental health theory and research. Particular areas of consideration are the role of mindfulness for the “holder of the space,” professional use of self in consultations, ethical dilemmas, and usage of the parallel process to promote growth and change. Reflective consultation offers a coherent framework for professional development. This advanced training will seek to enhance capacity in those who provide reflective consultation within this framework. An optional ongoing, monthly, group reflective consultation will be available to participants.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how the principles and theoretical foundation of a reflective process approach create a framework for addressing what occurs in consultation/supervision.
  • Consider ethical dilemmas inherent in their work and how a reflective stance promotes safety and ethical practice.
  • Explore a theory of change that builds capacity and utilizes parallel process.
  • Consider mindfulness and professional use of self as required skills in the “holder of the space” that promote reflection.*

*These learning objectives address these competencies for Endorsement at level III & IV including: the theoretical foundations- relationship-focused, therapeutic consultation; ethical practice in consultation; professional use of self; use of parallel process to promote growth; and reflection.

Optional Ongoing Group Reflective Consultation: For those who register for optional ongoing consultation groups, monthly meetings with a small group of 4-6 participants will be facilitated by an experienced Infant Mental Health Consultant (Endorsed at Level IV by MAIECMH).

The purpose of the ongoing monthly consultation is to provide a safe and confidential space for participants to gain practice by considering their work of consultation while obtaining:

  • A deeper understanding of their own responses to the work.
  • Experience being accompanied in considering various perspectives and motivations in the context of theory.
  • Renewed clarity regarding culture, boundaries, ethics, role, and focus.

PLEASE NOTE: Payment for ongoing group consultation is separate, and in addition to the cost of the one-day training. Groups are optional and hours participating in this group can be applied toward Endorsement® in infant and early childhood mental health. More information will be shared at the training. If you have immediate questions, please email Kristin Armbruster Irrer at

Presented by:
Jill Hennes, LICSW, IMH-E® (IV-C), Independent Consultant


Jill Hennes has worked in home visiting and infant mental health for almost 30 years, as a home visitor, supervisor, consultant, and therapist. Jill has a master’s in social work, is a licensed clinical social worker, is EndorsedÒ in Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health, and holds a certificate in Child Abuse Prevention Studies. Her years as Reflective Practice Consultant with the Minnesota Department of Health allowed Jill to learn about building a statewide system of support for reflective practice through the training and mentoring of Public Health supervisors, home visitors, and infant mental health consultants. Jill currently offers reflective consultation to programs that promote infant mental health.

COMPLETED – May 2, 2017
9:00 am – 4:00 pm

St. Mary’s Greek Orthodox Church
3450 Irving Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55408

6 CEHs | $179