Certified Family Peer Specialist Program

Certified Family Peer Specialist Program

The Minnesota Association for Children’s Mental Health (MACMH) recently launched a new state certification program to develop a workforce of Certified Family Peer Specialists (CFPSs). Certified Family Peer Specialists will provide services to assist parents and legal guardians of children during the process of navigating the mental health systems of care. Certified Peer Support SpecialistThe CFPS workforce will offer nonclinical support to advocate for the individual needs of families in the treatment setting. Eligible candidates must have raised or currently be raising a child with a mental illness and must have experience navigating the children’s mental health system. Candidates will be screened for leadership and advocacy skills and their ability to work in a non-adversarial position with both families and service providers.

MACMH staff will promote the hiring of Certified Family Peer Specialists to potential employers, such as agencies offering inpatient hospitals, residential treatment, intensive foster care agencies, day treatment agencies, and other settings that serve families of children with mental health disorders.

CFPS candidates will be mentored through the certification process with a minimum of 25 hours of supervision. This supervision, along with ongoing support, will help them maintain employment and assure positive effective relationships between the Certified Family Peer Specialists, the employers, and the families that they are working with. This project is sponsored by the Minnesota Department of Human Services and is based on Minnesota Statute 256B.0616.

Watch for more information regarding Certified Family Peer Specialist recruitment, trainings, and hiring opportunities at

 Applications closed for current CFPS training cohort.
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Check out the Minnesota Statute 256B.0616 Mental Health Certified Family Peer Specialist at

If you are interested in applying to become a Mental Health Certified Family Peer Specialists or would like to employ Certified Specialists, call MACMH Project Director, Rachael Jacques at 651-644-7333 or email her at

Candidate Spotlights

Throughout the summer, we’ll be featuring former and current CFPS cohort members who are doing great things for parents and children in Minnesota. Read about our candidates to learn how the CFPS program is making a difference in our community.