11/2014 – Youth Council Members Gain First Aid Training and Certification

11/2014 – Youth Council Members Gain First Aid Training and Certification

USA Mental Health First Aid TrainingAs the Statewide Chapter for Youth M.O.V.E National, the MACMH Youth Council sent representatives to XYZ and The National Federation For Families for Children’s Mental Health 2014 Annual Conference to gain Mental Health First Aid Certification and represent Minnesota among the many Youth M.O.V.E. National chapters present. Mental Health First Aid Training is an important training available for consumers everywhere to gain knowledge and basic information on how to identify someone dealing with a mental health crisis and how to help them. The program was first developed in Australia and later adapted for the U.S. Market, with a promise for professional, standardized training for regular citizens to help their community members. From the USA Mental Health First Aid Training website:

Mental Health First Aid USA is coordinated by the National Council for Behavioral Health, the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, and the Missouri Department of Mental Health. In 2008, we worked with the program’s founders to adapt Mental Health First Aid for the U.S. We ensure the quality and standardization of the program nationwide, certify instructors to teach Mental Health First Aid in local communities, and support program growth.

Mental Health First Aid Training

In accordance to the MACMH Youth Council’s mission and vision, the Council was excited to offer leadership opportunities to our members to advocate and be more prepared to serve youth in Minnesota.

From some of our Youth Council members:

“The mental health first aid training was a highlight of my time at the Georgetown conference. Kevin Hines’ story was so impactful and I won’t forget it.” -Brian R., Council Member

“I attended the first aid training for youth at the National Federation for Families for Children’s Mental Health 2014 conference in Washington, D.C. last week, and I feel the program as prepared me even more to help teens and young adults that may be struggling with a mental health issue. The training was very comprehensive- the trainers covered many mental challenges that youth may face and their easy-to-understand protocol, “ALGEE,” helped me feel like I had a simple process to follow in case I am assisting someone in need” -Solome T., Council Member

The Mental Health First Aid Training curriculum is based around the following analogy, ALGEE:

A ssess for risk of suicide or harm

L isten nonjudgmentally

G ive reassurance and information

E ncourage appropriate professional help

E ncourage self-help and other support strategies

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If you’re a youth interested in making a difference for children’s mental health in Minnesota or an adult who knows one, check out our MACMH Youth Council page for more updates on events and how to get involved!

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