Coming Soon: Mental Health Training Center

Coming Soon: Mental Health Training Center

MACMH to Launch Mental Health Training Center with Funding from Local Foundation


ST. PAUL – As a local foundation closes its doors, The Minnesota Association for Children’s Mental Health (MACMH) makes plans to open the doors of a new mental health training center in the foundation’s namesake.

Through $539,000 in funding from the recently-dissolved Nevin N. Huested Foundation, MACMH will be launching the Nevin N. Huested Training Center in the Twin Cities as well as a virtual training portal online. In addition to making it possible for the nonprofit to expand the services they provide, the funds will also help them close gaps in access to mental health resources.

One in five children currently has—or has had at some point in his or her life—a debilitating mental health disorder. Of those, only 20 percent receive the services they need. Recognized by families and professionals as a leading statewide resource for children’s mental health, MACMH works to bridge this divide for children with mental health challenges and disorders.

“Many families and youth face economic challenges that make it difficult for them to get connected with the resources they need,” said Deborah Saxhaug, MACMH Executive Director. “Additionally, many parents and professionals living outside the Twin Cities metro area have limited access to training opportunities in their communities. With this funding, we’ll be better positioned to address these challenges by offering free and reduced-cost trainings both in person and online.”

Beyond providing more accessible training opportunities, MACMH will expand its services for families and young people with mental health disorders to include skills-training classes, arts programming, mental health first-aid workshops and empowerment and advocacy classes—all in an effort to break the stigma surrounding mental health and increase access to support systems.

Preparing for their dissolution and wanting to ensure their remaining assets went to an organization whose mission aligned with their priorities, the Nevin Huested Foundation’s board of directors selected MACMH from a pool of nonprofits to carry on the legacy of Mr. Huested.

Living in St. Paul for most of his life and disabled by a severe skin disease, it was Huested’s wish that his estate be used to help children and youth with disabilities in Minnesota. In 1961, the Nevin N. Huested Foundation was founded and over the course of 55 years, it awarded more than 650 grants to various school districts and organizations throughout the state before dissolving last year.

“Almost everyone knows someone who is touched by a mental health challenge,” Huested Foundation Board Chair Vernon Schultz said. “Although they aren’t visible, they can be just as debilitating as physical disabilities…and focusing Huested funding in this direction seems incredibly important. The Board is very excited with this major transition and looks forward to [MACMH’s] efforts to improve services to Minnesota children with mental health needs.”

MACMH’s search for a property in the Twin Cities is currently underway. The location of the Nevin N. Huested Children’s Mental Health Training Center will be announced once it has been secured.


About the Minnesota Association for Children’s Mental Health (MACMH)

MACMH is a statewide education and family support organization whose programs empower and educate parents, mental health professionals and teachers to meet the mental health needs of children and adolescents. MACMH is the only organization in Minnesota focused entirely on children’s mental health. For more information, visit and follow MACMH on Facebook and Twitter.

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