2019 Pop-Up Art Exhibits

2019 Pop-Up Art Exhibits

This year at our 23rd annual Child & Adolescent Mental Health Conference, we’re excited to be offering a wide range of programming options in our exhibit hall and surrounding areas, including two pop-up art exhibits designed to spark conversations about mental health and the way our perspectives are influenced by mass media and society.

What Do You See?
Monday, April 29 | Fitzgerald Exhibit Hall | Duluth, MN
Wing Young Huie (photo compliments of Eliesa Johnson)

Artist and MACMH keynote presenter Wing Young Huie believes there is no right or wrong way to interpret a photograph. But how much of what we see is shaped by images from mass culture, rather than by our daily interactions? This exhibit highlights some of his many photographic projects spanning 40 years, including photos from his most recent book, Chinese-ness: The Meanings of Identity and the Nature of Belonging, where he explores personal questions such as: “What am I?” “How does my Chinese-ness collide with my Minnesota-ness and my American-ness? And who gets to define those abstract hyphenated nouns?”

Learn more about Mr. Huie’s What Do You See? project and his keynote presentation, Challenging Assumptions & Widening Cultural Perspectives Using Photography.

Humanize My Hoodie
Tuesday, April 30 | DECC Arena Exhibit Hall | Duluth, MN
André Wright & Jason Sole

The Humanize My Hoodie traveling art exhibition has spurred important conversations about society’s perception of the hoodie, aiming to destigmatize clothing trends associated with people of color, including youth. Simply put: if you are black and you are wearing a hoodie, you are considered a threat. This exhibit shares and lifts the stories of various individuals and highlights them with powerful quotes from Civil Rights leaders. It serves as a healing space that encourages open dialogue on the treatment of people of color when they wear a hoodie.

Learn more about Jason Sole, André Wright and their Humanize My Hoodie project.