Annual Conference

2019 Featured Speakers

Wing Young Huie
Keynote Presentation • Monday, April 29 • 8:50 – 10:00 a.m.

Wing Young Huie (photo compliments of Eliesa Johnson)

Celebrated photographer and 2018 McKnight Distinguished Artist Wing Young Huie has conducted over a thousand lectures, keynotes and workshops to audiences of all kinds—including K-12 classrooms, colleges, museums, non-profits, places of worship and corporations— informing how mass culture images shape our points of view. His many photographic projects reflect America’s dizzying and changing cultural landscape, providing a collective window and mirror into the them who are really us.

In his keynote presentation, What Do You See? Challenging Assumptions & Widening Cultural Perspectives Using Photography, Mr. Huie will show the variety of ways he interacts with the people he photographs to create images that go below the surface to suggest complex narratives. Multiple points of views will be engaged when conference participants are asked to consider what they see in his culturally-loaded photos that are open to interpretation. He will then reveal back stories that will complicate and challenge initial perceptions, widening perspectives for a challenging yet non-confrontational deep discussion.

Learn more about Mr. Huie and his What Do You See? project.

Drs. Timothy Culbert and Henry Emmons
Keynote Presentation • Tuesday, April 30 • 8:50 – 10:00 a.m.

Dr. Timothy Culbert & Dr. Henry Emmons

Timothy Culbert, MD, is a board certified developmental/behavioral pediatrician in the Twin Cities, and is also certified in Functional Medicine. Throughout his career Dr. Culbert has received training and certification in biofeedback and medical hypnosis, and has completed trainings in mindfulness-based stress reduction, Reiki and clinical aromatherapy. Dr. Culbert is currently Medical Director for The Center for Integrated Mental Health at PrairieCare Medical Group, an organization that provides comprehensive pediatric and adult mental health services. He is co-founder of the website which serves as the premier resource for kids, teens and adults on holistic mental health options for health care consumers and mental health professionals.

Henry Emmons, MD, is a psychiatrist who integrates mind-body and natural therapies, mindfulness and neuroscience into his clinical work. He practices with Partners in Resilience in Minneapolis, and is co-founder of, offering trusted information and holistic products to help individuals of all ages build their resilience and rediscover joy. Dr. Emmons is the author of The Chemistry of Joy, The Chemistry of Calm, and Staying Sharp, and is in demand as a workshop and retreat leader for both healthcare professionals and the general public.

Dr. Emmons and Dr. Culbert’s keynote speech is Where Science Meets Soul: Future Trends in Natural Mental Health.

Most of us would agree that we live in stressful, sometimes chaotic times. Stress-related disorders, including anxiety and depression, have never been so prevalent, especially among children. We are in great need for new models of treatment and prevention. How can we in the mental health field address this growing crisis of resilience? Blending new science with ancient wisdom, Drs. Culbert and Emmons will explore what it takes to cultivate resilience for a lifetime.

At the end of this keynote presentation, conference attendees will be able to:

    • Describe a natural, resilience-based model for prevention and treatment of the most common mental health disorders.
    • Understand and discuss the role of  “neuromodulation” in the treatment of depression, anxiety and ADHD.
    • Compare and apply components of the conventional and integrative mental health toolkits in clinical practice.
    • Develop at least 3 new personal practices to sustain their own healthy brains and mood.

Ed Morales, MPP, MSW, LICSW
Supervision Series • Sunday, April 28 • 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Ed Morales

Ed Morales is a mixed race Boricua kid who was raised to be white. It wasn’t until he was in his late twenties, when he moved to Minneapolis, that he began to recognize his identity as the son of a Puerto Rican and a German immigrant. Since then, Ed has worked to explore the confusing boundaries of growing up mixed in a world that struggles to see shades of grey. Ed is founder of Socorro Consulting, and lives in North Minneapolis with his wife, two transracially adopted daughters, and his cat, Mocha.

Christina Gonzalez, LICSW
Supervision Series • Sunday, April 28 • 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Christina Gonzalez

Christina is the Director of Student Support Services at Richfield Public Schools where she is responsible for the oversight of school social workers, outreach workers, and guidance counselors. Christina has served with The Family Partnership for 10 years, first as an in home and play therapist for six years and was then appointed Director of In-Home Services. She is also a Community Faculty at the University of Minnesota in the School of Social Work and serves on their Advisory Council.

Christina is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW) with a B.A. from the University of Minnesota in Child Psychology and Spanish/Portuguese. She obtained her master’s degree from the University of Minnesota in Social Work.

Mental Health Exploration & Discovery (MHED) Talks
Sunday, April 28 • 4:15 to 6:45 p.m.

Mental Health Exploration & Discovery (MHED) Talks is a presentation series in the spirit of TED Talks. Using stories—both personal and experiences from the field— each speaker has 18 minutes to share their expertise on new concepts, programs, treatment models and research. Following the presentations, there will be a Q&A and hors d’oeuvres reception.

Brandon Jones

Healing is a Journey, Not a Destination
Brandon Jones, MA

This MHED Talk will examine the link between historical and intergenerational trauma related to the African American community, including their experiences, perceptions, beliefs and behaviors that may act as challenges throughout the lifespan. Attendees will learn how the presenter’s work with trauma is both personal and professional, and explore some practical, culturally-responsive, trauma-informed strategies he has utilized for himself and with clients that focus on the process of healing trauma.

Brandon Jones is a psychotherapist, professor and behavioral health consultant who brings a down-to-earth and compassionate attitude to mental health. He specializations in Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), historical and intergenerational trauma, social/emotional intelligence (EQ), leadership, and youth justice. Born and raised in St. Paul, Brandon has survived living in a home of domestic violence and various other forms of trauma. Brandon holds a B.A. in Sociology from the University of Minnesota, a Masters in Community Psychology from Metropolitan State University, and a Masters in Psychotherapy (MFT) from Adler Graduate School. Brandon is also a 2013 Bush Foundation Leadership Fellow. He currently serves as the Integrated Services Manager at NorthPoint Health and Wellness Center and lives by the motto of “Live life with purpose on purpose.”

Samantha Moe

Healing the Silent Family Struggle
Samantha Moe, MA

Children are naturally vulnerable to their families’ stress levels and learn early in their lives not to talk about it.  In the family code of silence, children FEEL stress, but what we see are anger, anxiety and “acting out” behaviors. During this MHED Talk, the presenter will explore ways to
begin breaking this code to help parents understand themselves and their children, and share how to create a happy, connected family.

Samantha started her career as a Speech Language Pathologist with a passion to unlock the gifts of children with Autism. Since then, she has used her strong background in direct services to families to create a step-by-step parenting approach called the Mad2Glad Blueprint. Samantha coaches parents of all types of children to dramatically reduce defiance and disrespect and re-establish confidence and authority. Her program is so effective she now certifies other child professionals in her cutting-edge approach. Samantha’s vision is to bring peace and enjoyment to families around the world.

Heather Boorman & Jonathan Boorman

Redefining the Client When Working with Neurodiverse Kids
Heather Boorman, MSW, LCSW & Jonathan Boorman, MAMFT, LMFT

Parents of differently-wired kids, like those with autism or sensory processing disorder, are often left feeling forgotten, overwhelmed, isolated and without answers. To truly effect lasting change for these kids, parents’ needs must be understood and prioritized. Using personal and professional stories, the presenters will give voice to the often neglected journey of parenting neurodiverse youth and share suggestions to meet the need.

Heather Boorman is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who provides therapy at Boorman Counseling in Western Wisconsin. She specializes as a trauma therapist and working with “kids on the fringes” and their families, who live with the joys and challenges of atypical developmental needs. Additionally, Heather is the author of The Gifted Kids Workbook, and writes & podcasts at The Fringy Bit with her husband to provide REAL support to parents who love a differently-wired child.

Jonathan Boorman is a therapist and co-owner of Boorman Counseling in Western WI.  Trained in marriage and family therapy, as well as EMDR, Jonathan specializes in working with teens, couples, and families to help them heal from trauma. Together with his wife, Jonathan produces original content at The Fringy Bit to support parents of differently wired children.