Past Conferences

2019 Promotional Products

Promotional Products

  • Conference welcome bag
  • Conference fidget
  • Conference pen
  • Conference notepad – Claimed by PrairieCare
  • Conference lanyard and badge holder
  • Conference water bottle
  • Your gift in attendee bags

If you would like to reach up to 2,000 conference attendees by providing a promotional item at the conference, we have great options to fit a variety of budgets. You will provide 2,000 of the item and we will include it in our conference bag for $400, or you can have the MACMH logo imprinted on the item and this fee will be waived. Please call if you have any questions or would like further ideas on items to include.

*MACMH Must approve all promotional provided as bag items prior to printing and delivery*

 Deadline: April 1, 2019


Popular Promotional Items – Just ideas




Notepads Provided by



Different price points are available for similar items. If your organization would like to offer a different value item or to order something not on the list, please call  or email MACMH at or 651-644-7333 and ask for April.

Have your own item or flyer you’d like to include?

You can provide your gift (2,000 items) in attendee conference bags • $400 (or put MACMH’s logo on your item, and we’ll waive the fee)

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