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Now Scheduling Spring 2020 Performances

We are now scheduling performances for March 30 – May 6, 2020.

Deadline to schedule a performance is November 15, 2019.  Please see calendar below for availability.

Performances are approximately 50 – 60 minutes long and feature three familiar fairy tales that raise awareness about children’s mental health.

Performance fee within Minnesota is $1000 per performance.

Two performances on the same day is a discounted rate of $1800 ($900 per performance).  The performances can be at two different locations as long as they are within a 30-minute drive of each other.

If the site is outside of the Twin Cities, please add $1/mile.  We are also available to perform outside of Minnesota.

Please contact Matt Jenson at for rates and scheduling.

Sample performance day schedule

The performance lasts approximately 40 minutes.  It is preceded by a brief introduction about mental health and is followed by a Question and Answer session with the cast.  The entire event lasts 55 – 60 minutes

As you are planning your schedule, please note that we are not able to leave the Twin Cities before 7:45 AM.  Please allow 90 minutes before the performance for set-up and a spacing rehearsal.

9:00 AM     Arrive at location, set up
10:30 AM   Performance #1
11:30 AM    Pack up sets and costumes
Noon           Depart

Performance Space Requirements

The sets of  both Fidgety Fairy Tales productions are designed to be easily transportable and self-contained.  An official theatre space is not necessary.

An open space such as a lunch room, gym, or multi-purpose room is acceptable.  Ideally the performance space should be at least 16′ deep and 20′ wide (although we have performed in smaller spaces when necessary).

We do not require a “backstage area” because our backdrop creates a space behind which the actors can make quick changes.  The cast will need to change into their costumes before the show and can do that in a nearby room or set of restrooms.

Audience Set Up

Audience sizes have ranged from 100 – 400.  Depending on the acoustics of your space, the ideal audience size has been 150 – 200.

If the performance space is not higher than the audience space, then we suggest that the audience sit on the floor (if kids) or in chairs (if families).

For more information, please contact Matt Jenson at or 651-644-7333.

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