Fidgety Fairy Tales

Further Fidgety Fairy Tales

Further Fidgety Fairy Tales

Goldilocks (Obsessive-compulsive disorder) – Goldilocks needs everything to be “just right.”  She taps five times with her porridge spoon because she thinks it will keep bad things from happening.  Mama, Papa, and Baby Bear help her face her fears.

Boyd, Who Cried Wolf (Tourette Syndrome) – Shepherd Boyd can’t help shouting “Wolf!”  The townspeople want to fire him because he keeps disturbing their sleep, but then they come up with a creative solution that makes everyone happy (except the wolf).

CinderEdward (Bi-polar disorder) – CinderEdward feels really, really up when he’s at the ball and really, really down when he’s sitting next to the cold, ashen hearth at home.   His Fairy Godmother helps him understand that he has a mental illness and needs help.

Photo by V. Paul Virtucio

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