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Welcome to MACMH-IEC!

MACMH-IEC is the Infant and Early Childhood Division of MACMH. Established in 2007 as a membership organization, it continues to work to build a multidisciplinary workforce demonstrating competency in addressing the unique relational and developmental needs of infants, toddlers, and their families. The goals of MACMH-IEC include education & training, resources, and advocacy resulting in enhanced professional capacity to meet the mental health prevention, intervention, and clinical needs of infants, young children and their families from a two generational perspective. At the heart of this work is the relationship between a child and her or his parents/caregivers, the primary context within which mental health promotion, screening, assessment and interventions are provided. MACMH-IEC is intently focused on building capacity for reflective consultation and also implements a national competency-based Infant Mental Health Endorsement system. Reflective consultation is considered a “best practice” in infant and early childhood settings and addresses the emotional dimensions of the work and increases reflective capacity within the workforce.

The Infant and Early Childhood Division of the Minnesota Association for Children’s Mental Health (MACMH-IEC) mission is to:

  • Champion the social and emotional development and mental health of children, prenatal to age five, and their families and caregivers, and;
  • Advance the ongoing professional development of culturally competent interdisciplinary workforce to serve infants and young children within the context of their families and communities.

The work of MACMH-IEC is guided by an advisory board and committee structure that includes an Endorsement Committee.


What is Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health?

MACMH-IEC uses the following working definition of infant mental health established by the ZERO TO THREE Infant Mental Health Task Force:

Infant mental health is the developing capacity of the child from birth to age 3 to:

  • Experience, regulate and express emotions;
  • Form close and secure interpersonal relationships; and
  • Explore the environment and learn—

All in the context of family, community, and cultural expectations for young children.

Infant and early childhood mental health is synonymous with healthy social and emotional development.


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